Saturday, January 12, 2013

How can I build a toy car that can move without electricity?

Q. Is there any idea about how to build a toy car out of a pop can and a paperclip and a rubber band?? or anyother ideas?

A. Here are the instructions:

How do I build a toy Car?
Q. Well for school we need to build a toy car.
It can be a
-Balloon powered car
-Solar Car
-Mousetrap car
-Battery powered car

What would be best to do and how can i build it...
The car cant be any bigger than 20cm in length and 10cm width. Thank-you if you can help!!!

A. Well - as you are embarking on a project like this you should be old enough to realise that projects like this are set to make you 'think' and to make you conversant with the fact that there is nearly always more than one way of doing a thing.

If we give you the answer it will defeat much of the object of your project!

What should I get my 15 month old for Christmas?
Q. My kids have so many toys already, so I am really torn on what to get my 15 month old for Christmas. I have some mega blocks so far, but that is it. I want some ideas for inexpensive educational or skill building toys that will "grow with him" so that he will get a lot of use out of them. Preferably without a lot of little pieces. We want to keep mess to a minimum. Thanks!!

A. Get your 15 month old something colorful that has lots of things to do on it. Like a Playskool Busy Basics Ball-Tivity Center, or if your child is a boy, get him a Playskool Tonka Cushy Crusin' Fire Truck.

Why are toys marketed to boys or girls?
Q. For example, the Easy Bake Oven or The Littlest Pet shop toys are a couple that I know little boys love to play with. Some little girls enjoy playing with race cars and definitely with building toys. Why is it that the commercials and ads so often feature just one gender and the toy itself will be designed to look like it's for one gender? I'm aware that this is target marketing but couldn't it be that the toy companies are wrong and kids would appreciate feeling less embarrassed to play with the toys they enjoy?

A. I realized that too..a lot with people also..certain things for guys and for girls..but should it be like that..

Girl/guy should play with all sort of toys they will learn more and maybe have some more interests their minds..Most commercials,yes they do things in ways it manipulates people.Only if you let them..some parents are open minded and wise on they let them play with whatever..

Maybe its the way society has been..and maybe it will change.I think the market should change its rules and instead having guys play with cars etc do same for are toys..for kids to have fun and enjoy..stop with the differences ..

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